Brij Festival

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Staged a few days before Holi (March) in the Brij area around Bharatpur, it celebrates the festival of spring with spontaneus expressions of music and dance.

The Brij Festival is held in the month of March, a few days before the festival of colors, Holi. This festival is held in the commemoration of Lord Krishna. The main attraction point of the Brij Festival of Bharatpur, Rajasthan is the Raslila Dance, illustrating the eternal love story of Radha Krishan. The villagers of Bharatpur perform this dance, dressed in bright and colorful costumes. Throughout Bharatpur, the sound of folk songs fills the air and mesmerizes people. All the people, men or women, young or old, participate in the Rajasthan Braj Mahotsav and drown in its spirit. Whole of the place is painted in bright colors and no one is spared from being splashed with colors.