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In a socieYOGAty that was as well formulated as that fo Rajasthan, it was expected that there would be systems of both healing as well as preventive cures, and ways of aiding longevity, The royal palaces had workshops attached where such practices of healing where taught, based not only on the traditional systems that had been in prevalence in the country for centuries but in combination with new systems gained from interaction with parts of West Asia. There were also ashrams where voids, hakims and yoga instructors advised people on the benefits of these systems and the royal families often invited parishioners of these sciences to train people in their kingdoms on their benefits so that their prevalence became more widespread.

What follows is a list of the various practices of healing cure and preventive cure that you can expect from institutes in Rajasthan. Any of these would be happy to advise you on a system of cure, and the likely period, ideally suited to your individual needs.

AYURVEDAAYURVEDA - Based on a system of metaphysical healing, ayurveda is an Indian science that combines herbs, minerals and animal products to help balance the fluids in one's body or what the Greeks used to refer to as humours.

Ayurveda in sanskrit means the science of life. Life is the combination of the body, the senses, the mind and the atma (Soul or Spirit). They can not be separated from each other. From this combination 'Ayus' – the span of life. Ayurveda – the science of life is the knowledge of this association.


One of the best know methods of alternative medicine in the world the 19th century medicinal science of homeopathy has retained its prestige for curative powers that are closely linked with natural products.


The tradition of massage is an ancient one, and had its origins in an effort to create a sense of relaxation in a person. At its most basic, that means teasing tired muscles and getting the blood circulation flowing again, which is the perfects remedy against tiredness.

Nature Cure

At the root of most ailments is a way of life, and a digestive pattern, that are unnatural and therefore unhealthy.


Though it is viewed as a spiritual experience in India, yoga, for most people is a form of exercise that has benefits beyond just aerobics, for example, since it heals while cleansing the body of certain ailments.

A Ready Reckoner to Health Care Institutes

In The Pink Of Health In Jaipur
Another reason that Jaipur can be called the Pink City is because of the large number of health and fitness institutes that are located here.

Government Yogic Treatment Cumresearch Centre Rare because it is the only government supported youga centre in India.

National Institute Of Ayurveda
Established as a ayurvedic college in 1964 by the former rulers of Jaipur.

Vipassana Dhammathli Centre For Meditation
One of the branches of the institute in Maharasthtra, this beautiful centre disburses training in the ancient technique of vipassana meditation as practiced two and a half thousand years ago by Gautam Buddha.